Eagle® F1 SuperCar®

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Tire Features

Ultra Dry Traction

Ultra high-performance tread compound helps provide excellent dry traction.

Steering Responsiveness

Race-derived, multi-radius mold shape offers precise handling and smooth, even wear.

Cornering Stability

Large outer shoulder blocks and asymmetric tread design helps enhance cornering grip.

Stylish Appearance

Serrated band sidewall styling gives a sleek, ultra high-performance appearance.

Warranties & Guarantees

Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty

This tire is eligible for our Replacement Limited Warranty, which covers most of our passenger tires with free or prorated-price tire replacement. If you experience noise, vibrations, or roughness with this tire, you may be covered.

Exclusions apply; see full warranty for details.

Full Warranty Details
Tire Specifications
Tire Specifications

Full Specs

Rim Diameter
Tire Size
  • Load Range SL
  • Load Index 99.0
  • Speed Rating W
  • Uniform Tire Quality Guage (UTQG) 220/AA/A
  • Measured Rim Width (in.) 8.5
  • Section Width (mm) 255
  • Revs Per Mile 773
  • Max Load (lbs) 1709
  • Max Inflation Pressure (PSI) 44
  • Outside Diameter (in.) 27.0
  • Tread Depth (in 32nds) 11.0
  • Tire Size 255/45R18
  • Approved Rim Width (in.) 8.0-9.5