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Oil Change

Select this service if:
  • Help your vehicle run smoothly
  • Keep your engine remain free of debris and dirt
  • Protect your engine against future rust, wear and corrosion

Brake Service & Repair

Select this service if:
  • You hear a squeaking, squealing or grinding noise
  • Your anti-lock braking system light is on
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking
Tire Related

Wheel Alignment

Select this service if:
  • Your tire treads are worn on one edge
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side on a straight road
  • Your steering wheel is loose or hard to turn

Battery Replacement

Select this service if:
  • Your battery is more than 4.5 years old
  • Your engine struggles to turn on
  • You see white, blue or orange fuzz on your battery
Repair & Replace

Shocks & Struts Service

Select this service if:
  • Your vehicle feels less stable and is difficult to turn
  • Your tires are wearing faster than normal
  • There's excessive bouncing after passing bumpy surfaces

Tune Up Consultation

Select this service if:
  • Have our professionals do a 29-Point Inspection
  • Identify any issues and explain the findings
  • If needed, have us recommend any repairs or replacements

Free Car Care Check

Select this service to:
  • Inspect various areas of your vehicle
  • Have us recommend any needed repairs or maintenance
Repair & Replace

Electrical System Service

Select this service if:
  • Interior or dashboard lights aren’t working properly
  • Your headlights dim while driving at low speeds
  • Your vehicle won’t start and makes no sound
Tire Related

Free Tire Consultation

Select this service if:
  • You’re uncertain which tire is right for your vehicle
  • You want expert advice from professionals
  • You’ve got options but want expert confirmation
Tire Related

Free Tire Air Pressure Check

Select this service if:
  • You hear squealing noises when turning
  • Your tires look deflated and rounded on the sides
  • Your tire pressure monitoring system light is on

Fuel System Service

Select this service if:
  • You experience a loss of power
  • You notice that you’re getting lower gas mileage
  • The vehicle hesitates when you step on the gas
Repair & Replace

Timing Belt Replacement

Select this service if:
  • Engine is ticking or won’t turn over
  • Oil is leaking beneath the motor
  • Engine misfires with a “thumping” feel
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