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How to Compare Tires

Learn to use our Tire Comparison Tool to take a closer look at tires that interest you and compare their features.

Take a Closer Look at Tires That Interest You and Compare Their Features.

We've made it easy for you to compare Goodyear tires side by side. Once you've selected your tires, our tire comparison page allows you to compare tires by price, features, warranty, specs, and more.

Goodyear Eagle Tire Three Tire Lineup

How to Use the Goodyear Tire Comparison Tool

There are some specific steps you should take to prepare your tires before any sort of long-term storage.

1.When browsing tires that fit your vehicle, check the "Compare" checkbox to add that tire to your comparison list.

Screenshot showing Step 1 to comparing tires using the Goodyear tire comparison tool

2.Once you've added some tires, click the "Compare" button at the bottom right of the page.

Screenshot showing Step 2 to comparing tires using the Goodyear tire comparison tool

3.Easily compare tires on

Tire Type Comparison: Comparing Tires Across Categories

If you'd like to view the different types of tires we offer, browse all of the tires in our catalog. Once you enter your vehicle or size, you'll be able to add tires to your "compare" list and compare tires side by side.

Browse and Compare Tires by Category

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