Battery Inspection, Repair and Replacement Service

A vehicle's battery needs regular inspections to continue providing dependable starting power. Learn more on how long car batteries last and when a car battery replacement may be needed. Visit a Goodyear Auto Service location for a battery repair today.


Car battery failure is the #1 cause of breakdowns. So, to keep your adventures uninterrupted, bring your vehicle to us for a free battery check if you suspect that yours may be losing its spark.


How Can I Tell if My Car Battery is Bad?

  • Your battery is older than 4 1/2 years (the average car battery life)
  • You notice the engine struggling to turn over upon ignition
  • You see a new indicator light illuminated on your dashboard
  • Your headlights dim when you turn on your heater
  • You see white, blue, or orange fuzz forming around your battery


What’s included with a Battery Inspection, Repair and Replacement Service at Goodyear Auto Service?

If you suspect it might be time for a car battery replacement, we’ll run a free inspection to see if you’re right.

If your battery’s okay, we’ll help extend its life by making sure it's free of dirt, grease, and corrosion.

If you need a new car battery installation, we’ll help you select one that meets your manufacturer's recommendations at a price that meets your needs. Then we’ll properly dispose of your old battery.

Why Does a Car Battery Need to be Replaced?

Age, under-hood temperatures, vehicle vibrations, and extreme cold and hot climate conditions damage the internal components of a battery, limiting its life expectancy.

With battery failure the number-one cause of vehicle breakdowns, routine battery inspection and maintenance is the best route to confidence that comes with knowing your battery will start.

How Often Do I Need a Car Battery Inspection?

The average car battery life is about four years. We recommend you have it checked every six months.

However, don’t wait to get your battery checked if you experience any of the following warning signs:

  • Your car won’t start and you must jump start it to get it running
  • Your engine turns over slowly, or not at all
  • Your dashboard warning lights stay on
  • Some of your electrical components aren't working


The life of your vehicle’s battery depends on its ability to hold a charge, as well as its ability to be recharged. There are several factors that may affect your battery life, including humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors. On average, batteries last 55 months *

*Battery Council International Technical Subcommittee Study Report in 2010

There are several ways your vehicle’s battery can drain, including leaving your lights on, a bad alternator, and age can also be a factor. To learn more, visit our Warning Signs of a Dying Car Battery page.
Your vehicle’s battery size falls into one of several groups, and is determined by the year, make, model and engine size of your vehicle. If you are unsure of your vehicle’s battery requirements, check your vehicle manual or talk to your Goodyear Auto Service technician for the original equipment (OE) manufacturer’s recommendations.
Most vehicles have 12-volt electrical systems, but there are some (like hybrid/electric vehicles) that are highly electrified and use higher voltage systems. Some older vehicles used less than 12-volt systems as well.

Testing an existing battery is critical to determining the remaining voltage left in the battery.

How to Use a Multimeter to Test a Car Battery

You can test your vehicle’s battery by using a multimeter, which tells you the voltage of your battery. Fully charged batteries should measure at 12.6 volts or above. When the engine is running, this measurement should be 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

If you are uncertain about how your battery is performing, please visit your local Goodyear Auto Service for a battery inspection today.

There are telltale signs that can point to a bad battery. If you experience one of the following items, bring your vehicle contact and bring your car into a Goodyear Auto Service Center as soon as possible.

Signs a Car Battery is Going Bad

  • Slowly Starting Car: Upon ignition, listen for the engine to be struggling to turn over.
  • Illuminated Indicator Lights: Watch if the dashboard lights indicating the car’s charging system will be on at the time of ignition.

To learn more, see our page about Warning Signs of a Dying Car Battery.

We recommend letting our professionals help you with your car battery, so schedule a battery service appointment at your local Goodyear Auto Service if you think your battery is in need of a cleaning.
We recommend letting our technicians help you with your car battery, so schedule an appointment at your local Goodyear Auto Service if you think your battery is in need of a charge.


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