Alternator & Car Starter Repair

At Goodyear Auto Service, we’re here to help if you feel you’re having issues starting your vehicle. We’ll begin with an inspection of your alternator and starter, then run a diagnostic of the voltage between the vehicle’s battery, starter and alternator. If repairs are needed, we’ll recommend replacements with costs before beginning the services.


The more you want to see and do, the more you need to know your car will start when you need it to. So, if you’re starting to suspect a problem with your starter or alternator, come see one of our Goodyear Auto Service technicians for a check.


Signs of a Bad Alternator or Starter:

  • Your car simply won’t start
  • The headlights and dashboard lights are more dim than normal
  • The check engine light on the dashboard comes on and stays on
  • You hear a clicking or grinding noise when you attempt to start your engine
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Our service technicians will take great care in examining your vehicle and providing alternator and starter repair when necessary, so you never have to miss out on things. Our service includes:

  • A visual inspection of your alternator and starter
  • A thorough diagnostic using state-of-the-art equipment to measure the voltage created by your starter, alternator, and battery
  • A conversation to help you decide the necessity of additional alternator and starter repair or replacement services, including associated costs

We also perform inspections on car batteries as well. Read more about our Battery Inspection, Repair and Replacement Service.


What Does a Car Alternator and Starter Do?

Your starter is what gets your car running—a crucial component to keeping your life humming and on schedule. And your alternator helps charge your battery and distribute electricity throughout the vehicle. Without these components running properly, your car won’t turn on and stay on.

How Often Should an Alternator or Starter be Replaced?

At Goodyear Auto Service, we recommend coming in to see us for an alternator and starter check whenever you have trouble starting your car or sustaining power.