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Tire Repair

What is the service?
  • Goodyear performs a complete repair by using a tire repair plug and patch combination*
  • Remove tire from rim, inspect and repair tire?s tread area after a puncture or cut has occurred
  • Rebalance tire and rim assembly
  • Reset/activate tire pressure monitoring system (if applicable)

Why is the service recommended?
  • During the course of normal driving, tires often come in contact with things such as glass or nails, which may cause punctures to occur*
  • A tire low on air or flat (no air) can severely affect vehicle handling characteristics and braking ability and tire service life

How does our service help?
  • Aids in proper tread wear
  • Cost of flat repair credited towards next tire purchase

A properly repaired tire can extend its useful life

Not all damaged tires can be repaired

Key Tip
Goodyear recommends inspecting and checking tire air pressure at least monthly

Estimated service time
1 hour.