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Tire Repair

What is the service?
  • Even the most careful drivers sometimes hit bad luck?on any given drive, things like glass, nails and even sharp rocks can find their way from the road to your tires, causing punctures to occur. Driving a deflated or flat tire can severely affect your vehicle's handling and braking ability, but a timely puncture or flat tire repair service can help extend the service life of your tire.

Why is the service recommended?
  • To begin our Tire Repair service, well inspect the tire to help determine the cause of pressure loss and whether the tire can be repaired. If tire repair is possible, we'll use a tire repair plug/patch to restore the tire in accordance with strict industry standards. Then, we'll rebalance the tire and rim assembly and reset your vehicle's tire pressure monitoring system as necessary (additional parts such as TPMS sensors or kits may be necessary on some vehicles and may require additional parts and/or labor charges). This service typically takes about an hour.

How does our service help?
  • Even if you simply notice recurring pressure loss and don't need to fix a flat tire, a tire repair service is still important for the life and performance of your tires. Not only does it aid in proper tread wear and help extend the service life of your tire, but it also helps ensure that your tires brake and handle safely and effectively.

A properly repaired tire can extend its useful life

Unfortunately, not all damaged tires can be repaired, but you can inspect your tires at home and check their air pressure monthly to help ensure that they're in good condition. If you notice a tire has deflated or been punctured, it's important to have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Key Tip
Goodyear recommends inspecting and checking tire air pressure at least monthly

Estimated service time
1 hour.