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What is the service?
  • Your vehicle's exhaust system has three main functions: to direct harmful engine exhaust gas outside of your vehicle, to reduce pollutants being released into the atmosphere, and to minimize your engine exhaust noise. Exhaust service and repair is important to help ensure that your vehicle's emissions system is running smoothly.

Why is the service recommended?
  • During our exhaust service, we'll inspect all components of your vehicle's exhaust and replace all parts that are missing, broken, or malfunctioning. This could include muffler replacement. This service typically takes 45 minutes - 2 hours.

How does our service help?
  • Climate and normal road conditions can damage, break, or wear out exhaust components over time. An exhaust repair helps to minimize engine exhaust noise and helps protect you from harmful exhaust gases and fumes.

For the optimal performance and safety of your vehicle, we recommend having a muffler service and exhaust system check at least once a year or based on the vehicle manufacturer's recommended service interval that matches your vehicle's operating conditions and your driving habits. This automotive service comes with a service warranty.

Key Tip
There were over 13 million mufflers purchased in 2006

Estimated service time
45 minutes-2 hours.