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Goodyear Ultra Grip® Performance 2

  • sport performance
  • winter
  • Mountain Snowflake symbol for outstanding winter traction.
A Winter High-Performance Tire For Enhanced Traction in a Variety of Winter Conditions
The Ultra Grip Performance 2 offers outstanding traction and response in a variety of winter driving conditions including snow, ice, rain and slush. The Adaptive SipeGrip Technology enhances gripping power under slippery conditions while maintaining excellent dry and wet handling.

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  • Adaptive SipeGrip Technology

    2D zigzag and 3D waffle sipes enhance gripping power under slippery conditions like snow, ice and wet; while maintaining dry and wet handling

  • Hydrodynamic V groove and intermediate circumferential grooves

    Helps maximize water and slush evacuation for confident winter handing

  • Optimized polymer blend and advanced silica technology

    Offers enhanced grip on snow, ice, or wet surfaces at low temperatures

  • 4 different block sizes and rib shifting

    Offer a quiet and comfortable ride with uniform wear

Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Sidewall Description Max Inflation
235/60R16 100 H BLT 51 162.99
205/50R17 93 V BLT 50 179.99
205/55R16 91 H BLT 51 191.99
225/45R17 94 V BLT 50 209.99
205/50R17 89 H BLT 51 218.99
245/55R17 102 H BLT 51 266.99
255/50R21 106 H BLT 51 359.99